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Olympia Eye & Laser Centre

General Information and Appointments:

If you would like to make an appointment to visit our Institute for a consultation, complete the form below

1. Routine appointment times are 08H30-16H00 Weekdays.

2. Please give at least two weeks notice for an appointment.  You should be contacted within 2 working days of placing the request.  If you are not contacted please make a telephonic or fax request for appointment.

3. Always bring all your spectacles along.

4. If possible bring your contact lenses or details of your contact lenses along.

5. If you are interested in REFRACTIVE SURGERY [procedure to reduce or eliminate your spectacle wear], please obtain previous prescription details from your eye care physician or optometrist [as far back as possible]. You will need to discontinue wearing contact lenses for a period prior to the examination. Preferably do not place eye make-up on the day of the examination. Please be prepared to spend a few hours at the centre as various tests are usually performed.

6. Please, don't forget to bring your ID and medical aid card.

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