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Clear Corneal Incision

In clear corneal surgery, a tiny incision is made into the perimeter of the cornea on the side of the eye.

The incision provides a corneal tunnel through which the cataract is removed and the intraocular lens is implanted.

It is the architecture of the incision that makes it self sealing and therefore requires no stitches.

Insertion of the Lens

A specially designed injector, much like a syringe, is used to implant the foldable intraocular lens.

The injector is inserted into the clear corneal incision, over the iris and into the centre of the pupil.

The lens is slowly ejected here, where it expands and unfolds into position.



The Lens in the Capsule

Now situated in the same capsule as where the original lens once was, the new unfolded intraocular lens restores focus after the cataract surgery.

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